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Erin Easlon

Erin Easlon, Ph. D.


Academic Coordinator
College of Biological Sciences
University of California Davis

I am the Academic Coordinator and an Instructor for Introductory Biology Bis2A at UCD. I am responsible for all aspects of the course discussion section development, coordination, administration, instructional training, delivery and TA hiring, training, and supervision.

Research Interests

I am working on implementing online learning tools in Bis2A designed to foster growth of an online student community. These tools allow students to read the text, comment, ask questions, answer each-others questions, pull in personal experience etc in a space online where the students are rewarded for participating.

I also work with graduate student TAs and have developed a practice based TA training program designed to teach TAs how to lead an active learning classroom. This program is only available to the TAs that teach Bis2A. Some TAs who have completed this training have gone on to education based employment at other colleges and universities.


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Conference Proceedings:

  • Poster Presentation at SABER National Meeting in July 2015: Practice and Feedback, Transforming Undergraduate Education through Evidence Based Training of Graduate Student TAs
  • 20min Presentation at SABER National Meeting in July 2016: Practice and Feedback, Transforming Undergraduate Education through Evidence Based Training of Graduate Student TAs
  • 5min Lightening Talk at Center for Educational Effectiveness in November 2016: Getting TAs to do Active Learning
  • 20min Presentation at SABER West Meeting in January 2017: Training Graduate Students to do Active Learning, A How to

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