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Silvia Carrasco Garcia

Silvia Carrasco, Ph. D.

Lecturer PSOE
156 Briggs Hall
Molecular and Cellular Biology Department
College of Biological Sciences
University of California Davis
CBS Faculty Webpage


BIS 104 Cell Biology
MCB 198 Directed Group Study
MCB 138 Seminar in Biochemistry


Scientific writing for undergraduate students

Scientific writing is an essential tool for our students, both for reaching a deeper understanding of the material they learn while in college, and for their future professional career . Creating as many opportunities as possible for them to practice in a context where they receive good support and feedback is a challenge when having big enrollment classes. How can we overcome this challenge?

How do we learn Biology? Can we use this knowledge to improve our students success?


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Beta-2 chimaerin modulates CXCL12-dependent adhesion and chemotaxis in Jurkat T cells. M.Siliceo, D.Garcia-Bernal, S.Carrasco, E.Diaz-Flores, FC.Leskow, J.Teixido, MG.Kazanietz, I.Merida. J. Cell Science 2006; 119(Pt 1):141-52.

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Diacylglycerol-dependent binding recruits PKCtheta and RasGRP1 C1 domains to specific subcellular localizations in living T lymphocytes. S.Carrasco, I.Merida.. Mol Biol Cell 2004; 15: 2932-42


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